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Grow Your Business With Minimum Effort

Are you looking for ways to grow the business? Our My Khata App has it all to make your business grow. You will never forget to collect payments as automatic reminding is here. Collect UPI payments from your customers with our links without any hassle. Add as much customers as you want. Share your business card with them. Easily add balances to them with a single click. Add details to the transactions. Send SMS/Whatsapp to customer for payment reminder.

Grow your business like never before.


Handling shops finance is not an easy task. With the below features of My My Khata you can manage your shop finance like a pro.

  • Easy UPI payments.
  • Easy Manageable customers.
  • Easy Reminders for payments collection.
  • Free Business Card.
  • Share Reports on Whatsapp, emails, Telegram.
  • Share balance with customer.
  • 6 Languages to choose from.
  • Protect your data with lock screen
  • Data saved on cloud and can be accessed from any mobile device.