Our mission is to bring all small businesses to our platform and provide them free service for managing there ledger without any hassle.
  • Add Customer

    Add as many customers as you like with their details.

  • Easy Search

    Search through your customers easily with just a one tap.

  • Shortcuts for easy use

    Easy access core features just with a click. Like sharing business card, add credit or debit

  • PDF Reports

    Generate PDF reports and billing easy to share it with your customers.

  • Detailed billing

    Add Image, details, to your billing with easy billing.

  • Business Card

    Share business cards to your customer on social media.


UPI Payments for everyone

Collecting payments are the backbone of any business. With My Khata you can collect payments hassle free with just few click and will know when you receive the payments

  • Payments Reminder

    Set a reminder for your customer for collecting money on time. Also share it with them on social media.

  • SMS

    Send SMS reminders to your customers

  • Reports

    Generate customer specific reports and share it with them.

  • UPI Payments

    Collect money through upi payments methods like GPay, BHIM

  • Calculator

    Calculate your billing on inbuilt calculator easily.

  • Payment history

    Get all the details about your past payments and compare it to get your progress.

  • Payments Reminder

    Set a reminder for your customer for collecting money on time. Also share it with them on social media.

  • QR code payments

    My Khata provides QR code for quick payments using upi.

  • Multiple Languages

    My Khata support 6 different language out of the box and will be having more option as we grow.

  • Secure Data

    Your data is secured with encryption technique. The data is not only secured but also stored safely on cloud.

  • Lock Screen

    My Khata has lock screen in case you don't want others to sneak on your business data

  • Clean UI

    The My Khata app has been developed having clean design in mind.

Are you missing on payments?

My Khata payment reminder features combined with social media helps you get payments on time from your customers



Here user can manage shop finance like a pro.It would become a road to success for small businesses.

Start using My Khata today and let it handle the finance

My Khata can easily help you track your finance goals. It has all the essential features to grow your businesses as well. Check it out


Easy payment collection feature

Easy payment collection features let you add, edit contacts, create payment links, share business card easily.


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